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    504: The Power of 101% Commitment

    Get ready to understand the power of premature practicality and the absolute necessity of giving your dreams a mind-blowing 101% instead of settling for a measly 99%! We’re here to unravel what premature practicality is and its detrimental impact on our creative journeys. We’ve got incredible personal stories that will share eye-opening insights into how premature practicality stifles innovation and confines our potential for success! But that’s not all, we’ll explore the obstacles and challenges that arise when we settle for anything less than giving our dreams serious commitment. Are you ready to unleash the powerhouse within? Shatter ordinary expectations and soar to unprecedented heights of jaw-dropping success! We’re going…

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    Travel Can Change You, If You Let It

    When people heard that Rob and I would travel to Mykonos every summer, year after year and stay two, three and even four weeks, they’d always ask a version of one question “Don’t you get bored?”. Or, even something like, “I’ve been on a cruise, saw everything there was to see in a day. How could you possibly stay a month?”. Our answer, “We like an immersive experiences when we travel, not just seeing the sights.” For us, a month in Mykonos allowed us time to truly relax, visit local farms, be beach bums and actually unwind and be on holiday. It took us out of day-to-day life, exposed us…

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    503: Embracing Passion and Intention: Lessons From Our France Mastermind

    We are diving deep into the fascinating world of passion and intention, using our recent event as a captivating backdrop to explore the significance of this topic. As we reflect on our recent experience, we can’t help but ponder, “What is it that I’m doing that fuels my extraordinary level of passion and intention for detail?” Join us as we dive deep into personal anecdotes and share the driving forces behind our unwavering dedication to the smallest details. Furthermore, we delve into a profound realization: it’s the imperfection that truly adds beauty. Together, we’ll challenge the conventional notions of perfection and explore the transformative power of embracing imperfections. Prepare to…

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    502: Money vs. Happiness: Discovering the True Currency of Your Dreams

    Let’s start by reflecting on what your dream life looks like. We believe in prioritizing your goals and aspirations without compromising your well-being and happiness. Together, we’ll debunk the myth that dreams should be put on hold and provide practical steps to harmonize work and personal life. One key element we’ll delve into is the concept of a dream life budget. It’s a powerful tool that aligns your finances with your dreams, unlocking new possibilities and sparking creativity. We’ll guide you in personalizing your budget to match your unique aspirations, empowering you to make intentional choices that move you closer to your dream life. We’ll also explore the importance of…

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    501: Embracing a Visionary Approach Over a 5-Year Plan

    Today, we’re diving deep into a thought-provoking topic that will ignite your passion and challenge your perspective: setting a vision for five years. Are you ready to unlock the secrets to unleashing your full potential? Then join us on this captivating journey! Together, we’ll explore the powerful distinction between the “how” and “why” that can elevate your dreams and aspirations to new heights. We’ll also dive into the realm of career changes, where incredible opportunities for personal growth and fulfillment await. Unforeseen opportunities are waiting just around the corner, and we’ll show you how to seize them with unwavering commitment. Are you tired of rigid plans and limited horizons? Then…

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    500: Celebrating Cinque­cento with a Deep Dive into Our Lives

    Join us as we celebrate our 500th episode milestone! In this episode, we deviate from our usual podcast flow to embark on a journey of self-discovery through a series of intriguing questions. Get ready for a captivating episode filled with personal anecdotes, laughter, and surprising insights. Join us as we take turns asking each other thought-provoking, funny, and sometimes challenging questions. From reliving cherished childhood memories to sharing our hidden talents, and relationship milestones to our favorite pop culture moments, we leave no stone unturned. This special episode blends lightheartedness and introspection, showcasing our genuine bond and the magic that comes from years of friendship. We invite you to witness…

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    499: Prioritizing Happiness: The Story of Our Move to Italy

    In this episode, we take you through the remarkable transformation from grueling 12-hour days in a physical business to the freedom and flexibility of the life we’ve created. Our focus wasn’t tied to a specific location but centered around creating a lifestyle that truly resonated with us. As we embarked on this new chapter, questions started to arise. When would our pursuit of success reach its endpoint? How would we afford the lifestyle we envisioned? To be honest with you, in the relentless pursuit of financial stability to support our desired lifestyle, we found ourselves caught in a never-ending cycle, longing for more. It was at this point that we…

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    Using Strength Finder for Success in Business & Marriage

    One of the most important and useful tools we've ever used in both business and our marriage was the Clifton Strength Finder test. This assessment measures your talents, your natural patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving -- and categorizes them into the 34 Clifton Strengths themes.

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    498: The Difference Between Personality and Soul: Exploring “The Seat of the Soul”

    Are you ready to unlock the power of your soul and live a truly fulfilling life? Join us on this episode of Fri-Date as we explore the incredible concepts presented in “The Seat of the Soul.” We’ll dive into the fascinating differences between the personality and the soul, and how to live a life in alignment with our soul’s unique contract with the universe. Are you on the path to true fulfillment or merely chasing accumulation? Discover the difference between a horizontal and vertical path and learn how to exercise your intuition and overcome fear. This episode is packed with valuable insights and powerful ideas that will help you tap…

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    497: Basta Così: Finding True Satisfaction in Life

    Are you feeling unfulfilled in life and wondering why? Are you tired of constantly chasing after more and still feeling unsatisfied? In this episode, we’ll inspire you to find true satisfaction in life by understanding the limits of your desires. We’ll provide you with powerful insights into why it’s essential to figure out why you want something and ensure it aligns with your values and goals. We’ll also break down your life into two categories, business and personal, and explain why it’s easy to give more attention to one over the other. But we won’t stop there. We’ll empower you to find contentment in what you already have and stop…