503: Embracing Passion and Intention: Lessons From Our France Mastermind

We are diving deep into the fascinating world of passion and intention, using our recent event as a captivating backdrop to explore the significance of this topic. As we reflect on our recent experience, we can’t help but ponder, “What is it that I’m doing that fuels my extraordinary level of passion and intention for detail?” Join us as we dive deep into personal anecdotes and share the driving forces behind our unwavering dedication to the smallest details.

Furthermore, we delve into a profound realization: it’s the imperfection that truly adds beauty. Together, we’ll challenge the conventional notions of perfection and explore the transformative power of embracing imperfections. Prepare to be inspired as we celebrate the authenticity, character, and depth that imperfections bring to our lives and endeavors.

Join us in this episode to infuse passion and attention to detail into every aspect of your life. Together, let’s cultivate our passions, leverage our strengths, and celebrate the innate beauty found in imperfection.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

[1:45] What’s different about each event we do?

[6:30] Bocce Ball in France.

[9:25] What is important about these immersive experiences?

[15:05] Joelle’s Chocolates.

[20:45] What is it that you’re doing that you have that level of passion and intention for detail with?

[23:15] How to combine your strength and your passion

[27:55] Dining with a private chef.

[30:25] It’s the imperfection that makes something beautiful.

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