The 3 Reasons Your Vision Board Fails

A Vision Board is a great tool to create and manifest something into your life. However, did you know that 92% of people do achieve the goals the put on the Vision Board? It’s not for lack of intention, it’s simply that people don’t understand HOW a Vision Board and manifesting actually work. Yet, year after year, they try again, repeating the same mistakes. Here are the top 3 reasons your Vision Board is failing to manifest (and how you can fix it!).

The #1 Reason Your Vision Board Doesn’t Work: It lacks VISION

You grabbed a stack of magazines, poster board and glue. You had a glass of wine, put on music and cut out inspiring images, words and glued it to your poster-board. Then, you hung it up in your closet only to fall behind your dresser and you forgot all about it. Am I close?

Let me guess, nothing manifested?

Here’s why.

You made the BOARD before you figured out the VISION. Except… Vision Boards are the visual representation of what you want! So how do you make the board and NOT know what you want?

And no, you can’t randomly figure out what you REALLY want flipping through a random stack of magazines a friend brought to a vision board party. (Sorry friend with the best intentions)

The Most Important Question to Ask Yourself

Literally, the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT thing you need to do BEFORE you create your VISION BOARD is figure out what you really want.

WHY? Energy doesn’t flow to confusion and chaos. Energy flows to CLARITY.

Watch this quick snippet from The Daily Show where Oprah talks about this EXACT subject.


The #2 Reason Your Vision Board Doesn’t Work: Your Energy Sucks

You can’t complain your way out of your current reality. (read that again)

Making a vision board is one thing. Manifesting a vision board requires consistency and managing your energy. To manifest your vision board, takes consistency, managing your vibration daily and truly knowing what you want (as we previously mentioned).

Complaining about what you do not have (yet) isn’t going to speed up the process. In fact, it’ll do the opposite. The more your complain, the more you see the LACK of having what you desire – the more of the LACK you will get. It’s that simple.

So how do you change your energy?

Great question 😉 Here are my two favorite ways to improve my energy.

  1. Meditation is one of the most effective tools for improving your energy. Meditation works on so many levels, and it’s easier than you think.Here’s a quick link to a blog I wrote about meditation with my tips and strategies.
  2. Gratitude is another super effective way to instantly change your energy for your vision board manifesting! Here’s another article I wrote on Gratitude (it says for kids, but it’s also effective for adults). Another technique I like to use is the Rampage of Appreciation. The idea is that you can begin with any thought, for me, I like to go for a walk and look around and find something I’m genuinely grateful for that’s simple. I begin to think about that thing, then expand on it slowly by asking myself “who, what where, when and why questions”.

Example – I love going to that outdoor grocery market. “Why?” Because all of the fresh fruits and veggies are delicious and so affordable. “Who do you see?” I love seeing my butcher and produce lady. “Why?” I get to speak and practice Italian. “What does that make you feel?” I feel so alive and part of the community.

I use this process to FEEL gratitude at a true and deep level. This is the place that you want to create from. This is the feeling your want to have as often as possible and especially when you do the manifesting strategies.

The #3 Reason Your Vision Board Doesn’t Work: You Don’t Take Inspired Action

Vision Boards are not magic. Remember, Vision Boards are the visual representation of what you want! Once you know what you want and you raise your vibration to attract more positive into your life, you’ll find that you’re getting nudges or “signs”. You’ve got to listen to the nudges and take the inspired action.

Example: We created a vision board that showed how we wanted to move to Southern California (all the details are in our Ultimate Vision Board Course). But at the time, we had a physical business and lived in Atlanta. Obviously to achieve our vision, we’d need to sell our business. One day, after yoga (which is a moving version of meditation), I got the nudge to call our competitor across the street and see if he’d be interested in buying our business. My husband thought this was a fools errand, but called anyway. And, the guy said yes. Three weeks later our business was sold and we were free to move.

THAT is the power of our VISION BOARD process!

Step 1: Massive clarity on what we wanted

Step 2: Daily management of our vibration/energy.


BOOM- Dream manifested!

The Ultimate Vision Board Course for Couples

Over the last five years, we’ve created and manifested multiple VISION BOARDS and have gone from working 12 hour days in our physical business that not longer excited us, to living the life of our dreams every day in Italy. 

Using our tried & tested VISION Exercises & a simple Manifestation processes we have:

  • Sold a business that was no longer inspiring
  • Create FIVE new streams of income that we love
  • Started new passion projects that light our soul on fire
  • Spent 4 months exploring Europe
  • Moved our family first to Southern California to experience the beach lifestyle
  • Moved our family to Italy to live our dream life in Florence!

And so much more…

Now, we are sharing our exact process to help YOU create crystal clarity on your vision.

And, FINALLY turn your vision board, into your REALITY!


With the right guidance, creating a Vision Board that works is easier than you think. Let’s stop the cycle of the useless vision board and START manifesting the life of your dreams today.