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526: The Manifesting Power of a Written Vision

Create a Powerful Vision Statement

In this episode, we kick things off by sharing how we created a powerful vision statement for our life and relationship. This vision has evolved and shaped our life decisions, from relocating to California for our daughter’s school year to our enchanting summers spent in Italy.

Our vision statement is the story we want for our lives. Currently, we’re living that story in Florence, Italy, and our vision statement from years ago still aligns with our current reality. There’s a specific process we’ve used to craft our written vision statement, and today, we’re sharing it with you!

We explore the art of manifesting desires through vision boards and journaling, emphasizing the power of emotional and intuitive connections in creating impactful visions, not only for your dreams but also for building a dream life with your partner. Tune in now to embark on this transformative journey with us!

What you’ll hear in this episode:

[0:05] Transforming relationship friction into a purposeful foundation

[2:45] How to create a powerful vision statement board

[7:35] Manifesting desires through vision boards and journaling

[11:50] Writing descriptive and emotive sentences

[16:35] Vision boards and their impact on manifestation

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