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529: Ultimate Vision Series BONUS: Reverse Engineering Your Vision

Reverse Engineering

We understand the significance of a crystal-clear vision in manifesting your dream life and provide insights on overcoming those pesky limiting beliefs that often hinder progress. From crafting a dream life budget in Italy to career development, passive income, and conquering obstacles, we cover many topics.

Plus, we delve into how you can think outside the box to create a new career path that helps you live the life you want. Join us for an engaging and empowering discussion that will guide you toward transforming your dreams into a tangible reality.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

[0:55] Vision clarity and manifestation with limiting beliefs addressed.

[6:50] Limiting beliefs and vision for life.

[9:00] Creating a dream life budget in Italy.

[15:05] Moving to Italy and managing finances.

[18:25] Career development and passive income for nurses.

[24:25] Pursuing dreams despite obstacles and timeline concerns.

[27:50] Creating a life of freedom through real estate investing.

[33:00] Prioritizing goals and budgets based on personal vision.

[35:50] Using “what if” questions to brainstorm and overcome limiting beliefs.

[41:50] Entrepreneurship, vision, and decision-making.

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