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517: Social Media, Privacy, and Family: Navigating the Complexities of the Digital Age

Today’s episode is a journey through muses, Italian bathrooms, social media invisibility, creative validation, and navigating the intricacies of semi-fame and privacy.

Kicking things off, we dive into the captivating concept of muses in art and literature, sparking a thought-provoking conversation about the term “muse” and its historical connotations. Transitioning to the digital age, when Rob’s TikTok fame brought unexpected recognition, Kim realized that she was manifesting her desire for more invisibility. We discuss the balance between privacy and running a thriving online business, drawing from our personal experiences.

But that’s not all, validation and creative expression take center stage as Rob delves into the importance of validation and its impact on creative pursuits, with a touch of humor as he discusses his video idea for how to use a bidet. Next, Kim opens up about her preference for podcast content creation over social media interactions, emphasizing the significance of passion and discipline.

The complexities of social media privacy are clearest in the family setting. Kim expresses concerns about our daughter’s online presence and we share our journey towards heightened privacy on social media while maintaining a strong online presence for our business. Tune in to learn how to navigate the captivating intricacies of the digital age.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

[2:30] The concept of muses in art and literature

[6:45] Kim desires to become progressively invisible

[13:20] How Rob and Kim divide work and complement one another

[18:40] Why Kim wants to be like Rob Lowe’s wife

[24:20] The downside of being recognizable

[24:40] Social media privacy and boundaries in a relationships

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