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516: How to Be Authentic Online in the Age of Hate Bots and Cancel Culture

Today we have an eye-opening conversation about the ever-evolving world of social media and its impact on our lives. We kicked things off with a discussion about our passion for Italy and how it inspired us to create content that truly resonates with our ideal audience. Recently social media has transformed into a platform for influencers and educators with curated content but the tides are turning!

The key to success and building an audience that sticks around is being true to yourself; let your personality shine through! However, as we all know, with great exposure comes great responsibility. We dive into the darker side of social media: the keyboard warriors, hate bots, and the cancel culture that can make anyone hesitant to share their true selves. How do we deal with trolls? We shared some insights on that too.

The conversation shifts to the evolution of social media, from personal posts to curated feeds, and now, the fascinating world of TikTok. We explore how this platform rewards good content and discuss two extreme examples of individuals leveraging their personalities to successfully build niche followings.

One essential lesson we’ve learned is the power of educating through storytelling. Whether you’re entertaining or educating, it’s all about the story you tell. We emphasize that the “why” behind your content matters the most and explain how you can find yours. If you’re looking to make your mark in the social media landscape and build true connections, tune in to this episode to discover how you can find your own passion and storytelling style in this dynamic digital era. Don’t miss it!

What you’ll hear in this episode:

[0:00] How does it feel to be back?

[4:05] Seeing our friends in New York and Lori’s podcast.

[8:10] The pioneer of authenticity on social media.

[12:00] How to deal with trolls online?

[17:30] The power of educating through storytelling.

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