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476. Ditch the Stressed American Entrepreneur Mindset for a Happier Life

Being an entrepreneur doesn’t necessarily mean constantly hustling and stressing. In fact, it’s quite the opposite that can be more beneficial in the long term. Rob and Kim moved from hustle-and-bustle Los Angeles to far more leisurely Italy. They noticed a huge difference in Rob’s work-life balance that allowed him to better connect with his family, friends, and himself. 

Wanting to extinguish the message of an “American Stressed Entrepreneur” being the norm, Rob and Kim suggest making time for yourself by going through a “life inventory”. This process helps you identify your passions and joys, so you can prioritize tasks accordingly and make sure your schedule allows time for both your personal and professional life. It can be challenging initially, but if done correctly, it will only help improve your quality of life and success in business!

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