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509: Redefining the Meaning of Growing Older by Living Fully and Aging Gracefully

Break free from the societal norms of age-related limitations and embrace the idea that you can pursue your dreams and passions at any stage. We refuse to accept the notion that living longer equates to living less. Age should never be a barrier to living a fulfilling and purposeful life.

Instead, we embody a vitality mindset, seizing each day with passion and zest. We want to inspire you to make the most of the extra years you’ve been blessed with, breaking free from self-imposed limitations and societal expectations. Confront the urge to give up or lose motivation and equip yourself with powerful strategies to combat these challenges head-on. We share personal stories and dive into the psychology behind resilience, reaffirming that our dreams and aspirations are not bound by age but fueled by our unwavering determination.

As a couple, we adopt habits that nurture our physical and mental health, enabling us to thrive at any age. By taking proactive steps toward our well-being, we assert control over our destinies and set ourselves up for a fulfilling and vibrant future together. Join us on this journey and transform your perspective on aging!

What you’ll hear in this episode:

[1:15] How do men and women feel about aging?

[4:00] We’re living longer, but are we living less?

[8:35] Why do you have to fight the urge to stop doing what you do?

[10:57] The 10,000 Hour Principle.

[16:49] Preventative measures against mobility, cognitive decline and health decline.

[21:20] Starting as a beginner feels so daunting.

[26:03] What’s the one thing they can test on you to determine how fit you are?

[28:30] Make a mental decision to hang out with young people to keep working.

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