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FriDate: On the Fly

Cancel culture sucks.

Here’s the thing about having a public profile… The moment you say something that the status-quo doesn’t agree with… you’re cancelled!! Debate is dead… and, we’re honestly tired of the BS and censorship.

Plus, there are topics that sometimes we want to tackle, but it’s not truly in the lane of our regular FriDate Podcast.

So, last Fall, Rob and I started a PRIVATE podcast where we talk about our deep opinions on taboo topics BEHIND the wall and into a private community where you can vote with your feet (and your credit card lol).

FriDate: On the Fly is a PRIVATE podcast we produce unedited and unfiltered 2x a month. It’s a place where we can talk about sensitive subjects, often fight it out but, ultimately feel safe to go deeper into our personal beliefs.

Topics we’ve covered (and fought about) on our private FriDate On the Fly episodes include:

  • Taboos in America that are NOT taboo in Italy (sex vending machines, drinking, nudity…)
  • Step-by-Step how we are creating our 2023 Vision Board
  • The #1 Question we ask ourselves that allows us to DREAM bigger
  • How Kim reacted to Rob getting a woman’s number in the hair salon
  • Does having children improve your relationship?
  • Upgrading your life, eliminating tolerations and more..
  • Summer travel stories
  • Culture clash in Ibiza…going topless

(Don’t stress, our regular FriDate Podcast is still free and posted weekly!) but for those that want to connect deeper…

We have two options….

1. Our VIP Option is literally only $5 (almost comical) and gives you access to these Premium episodes that don’t air on our regular, public podcast. Plus, you get a weekly Manifest Monday strategy!

2. The Ultimate Member which gains access to the private podcast, Manifest Monday… plus..
▫️discounts on our courses
▫️forever early bird pricing on events
▫️discounts on our Italy experiences AND…
▫️a monthly LIVE Zoom with us. We have a monthly topic around personal growth, and creating your dream life and offer micro-coaching.
▫️recording of all past/current monthly zooms including our 3-part Vision series

The price… $25/ month… like, what????

I know…. We’re insane and should add a zero to that number, but we love our private community and want to keep it accessible to our listeners.

Our monthly Zoom’s are a massive highlight for Rob and I. We LOVE connecting with our community. We always bring a topic that we believe will serve them, their personal growth and help them achieve their dream life.

If our private podcast and community piques your interest, click this link and check it out. See you on the flip side!